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Who We Are

Customer Whisperers are a close-knit team with ‘been there done it’ operational backgrounds and a shared, manic passion for creating heart-warming Customer Experiences.


What We Do

At Customer Whisperers, we do just one thing – we help big brands improve their Customers’ experiences.

But every client is different, there are many different ways to improve CX……


Who We Do it For

We work with clients across sectors – in Retail, Transport, Utilities, Insurance, Housing, Publishing, Construction, Professional Services, Charities, Health, Telecommunications, Education and more…

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Are you ready for

Crowd Service?

Are you ready for Crowd Service?

Remote working for contact centre staff has been patchy in its uptake. The technology has existed for years, the appetite to trust remote workers has been slower to develop and it has its challenges, for sure

But let’s stretch the thinking a little further… 


8 out of 10 is only just

good enough!

Whiskers may have bragged that 8 out of 10 cats prefer it, but in today’s world that simply ain’t quite good enough!

We’re often challenged by clients to prove that investing in Customer Experience delivers a significant return on investment. Fair challenge. So let’s think about the potential commercial… 


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The Loyalty


We have for years been throwing around the hot potato of customer loyalty – every client wants it, every client talks about incentivising it, so how are we in a place where customers are grossly penalised for their loyalty?

It is said that 13 million households are paying a hefty loyalty penalty across products and services, some essential.


What our customers say about us

Elizabeth Brown Kent Fire Service

UK Power Networks

“Expect the unexpected” “Constructive and incisive challenge that changes thinking and delivers what is needed” “Imaginative, memorable interventions – 8 years on and our frontline team still remember” “Fast-paced and fun” “Bring pragmatic, effective and often very simple ideas that we hadn’t considered”

Customer Experience is critical to Matt; he is responsible for the provision of electricity to 8 million UK customers in the East, London and the South East. He is measured by the Energy Regulator, Ofgem on service performance and penalised or rewarded to the tune of £20 million per annum based.

Matt Rudling Customer Service Director

Sam SchneiderJust Eat

“Uncanny instincts for what the customer experience needs to look like in both established and emerging markets” “Brought real advantage to us in winning large contracts on the strength of the customer experience we could offer” “Loyal business partners” “Visionary – they are able to use their ability to see what customers need to create new brand new service opportunities”

As a rapidly growing organisation in the Utility sector, PH Jones were being challenged to positioning their core strengths differently for emerging sub-sectors such as smart metering and generating new services that were attractive to customers.

Martin Jones Entrepreneur and Former Managing Director of PH Jones Group (sold to British Gas)

KyleKent Fire Service

“We were pushed to get the balance right between commercially winning and doing the right thing, thus leading to long term operational excellence and a winning customer experience. The team left us with the gift of both employee experience and customer experience, now no discussion takes place without the customer being in the room”

Graham DonoghueCEO