The Gift

The Gift

Our Gold Standard approach to transforming Complaints


Getting Complaints is no fun, handling complaints is a tough job, repeating the same mistakes is frustrating for the team and customers alike, complaints are really costly. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

If we can change the way we think about complaints, we can change the way everyone behaves in response to a complaint and that changes the customers’ experience.


It isn’t simple – if it was you’d already be doing it. But some companies are – and those companies that have got their complaint approaches right tend to be at the top of the UK league tables for customer experience – from a customers’ perspective, the way an organisation handles complaints disproportionality impacts their overall satisfaction with that organisation.


Are you looking to reduce complaint volumes? Give your team techniques and skills to handle them better? Are you looking to create a better customer experience through complaints, take a fresh look at the Customer Journey? Are you looking to reduce the cost of complaints to the organisation (or maybe increase the value)? Do you want to drive more learning and improvement from complaints?

Whatever you want to do, we have the tools, techniques and structure to help you transform in the area of complaints.

Through our decades of experience, we have developed The Gift – a fresh and different way of approaching complaints.

So, let’s have an informal chat about your unique challenges around complaints and how The Gift approach might help.


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