Nature of Customer Experience

Fresh and unique Customer Experience training for customer service professionals

The Nature of Customer Experience is our most popular intervention – aimed at current customer service practitioners with some or lots of experience. It builds a fresh understanding of customers by exploring human behaviour and applying that understanding alongside a set of powerful customer experience tools and techniques.

This will advance your current customer service team’s customer skills and they will quickly see why some interactions with customers go better than others and realise that it is less about WHAT they do and more about HOW they do it. As they apply the techniques, you will see their CSAT/NPS results improve. The Nature of Customer Experience development is a motivating mix of training, coaching and embedding elements.

What we often find with Nature of Experience sessions is that an under-performing member of the team, adopts and applies all the techniques and suddenly becomes a high performer – that’s an incredible moment!

We also have a shorter version, Nature of Customer Experience Lite which is perfect for non-customer facing teams – highlighting their direct and indirect impact on a Customers’ Experience and giving them the mindset and skills to adjust their processes, policies and approaches to make their own activities more customer focused. This is a powerful way to engage your whole organisation, to drive CSAT and NPS from the back office and sensitise everyone to the impact they have on customers.

So, if you want to raise your game in terms of your teams’ customer experience skills, if you want to improve CSAT/NPS or if you just want to get your teams better connected with customers and their wants, needs, expectations and behaviours – Nature of Customer Experience is well worth a closer look!

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