Who We Are

Who We Are…

Who we are – Customer Whisperers are a close-knit team with ‘been there done it’ operational backgrounds and a shared, manic passion for creating heart-warming Customer Experiences.

We think that an operational customer service background is an essential experience for our team. And we’re all customers, so we’ve been there, and we’ve felt it! We can relate to you.

We challenge clients to think differently, we can help you visualise what the future will bring, inspire you without of sector insights, build belief in a vision and provide practical tools and techniques that we know work.

Underpinning our approach is a deep understanding of human behaviour – if you understand what motivates people to behave in a certain way, you know how to motivate them to behave differently. That is true of every customer and every member of your team.

As a team, we share an ability to help clients build Flawless Fundamentals, the core Customer Experience get rights that build trust and loyalty and we pepper that with creative Memorable Twists that differentiate you, keep you front of mind and drive advocacy and reputation.

Nothing makes us happier than the look on clients faces when they have their Eureka moment or swell with pride at the level of performance they are now able to achieve and the feedback they get from Customers.

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