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What we do…

At Customer Whisperers, we do only one thing, we improve your Customers’ experiences.

But there are many ways to achieve this. Every client is different, with their own strengths and their own challenges. They each have their own different aspirations, values and constraints.

We know what the ingredients of amazing Customer Experiences are, so we’ll take a look in your larder and see what you’re already using and is working well, and what is not. We’ll then offer up additional or more effective ingredients from the vast Customer Whisperers larder. Our larder houses a range of proven Customer Experience tools we have developed that we can use in different combinations depending on your need. Let’s mix them together and bake!

Sometimes, the culture of the organisation is adversely impacting Customer Experience – so we’d suggest we start by inspiring the Board with some innovative CX ideas from across sectors and show how these have been deployed by other clients and the results achieved – we’re creating an appetite to develop the culture to improve Customer Experience. We’ve taken Directors to visit other organisations before such as Amazon.

It may be that the CX intent of the Board is strong, but we need to excite the rest of the business – no problem! Conferences, events, training, workshops and a range of communications can be used to engage and excite your team. To bring pace to this wave of change, we’d also advise a programme for the management team over a period of months so they become CX experts with a set of tools and techniques at their disposal.

Some clients have very specific CX hotspots that they need to transform quickly – we can help you do that! Typically, this would be a telecommunications client contact us after a painful and public fine from the Regulator and they need to radically transform their approach to Complaints – we’re there! Or a Travel client who is experiencing problems that are badly impacting customers and their reputation is suffering in the media – Crisis Customer Experience – bring it on! Or a Utilities client who needs to dramatically improve performance to move from the bottom of their sector league table for Customer Experience to the top – done it a many times, yes please! Or a Fire Service client who needs help to create a set of Customer Journey and Experience maps so they can challenge traditional thinking and articulate a mind-blowing vision – try keeping us away! a Or a Retail client who wants to develop a structured CX training programme that will make them stand out and be the one to emulate – we can do that too!

If your need is Customer Experience related, we have the experience and tools to help you.

We’re smart and friendly, we love to help – contact us for an initial chat and make your own mind up.

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