Crisis CX

Crisis CX

The Customer Experience you deliver in a crisis defines you. Customers won’t ever forget how you made this experience of a crisis FEEL for them. Getting it right in these exceptional moments brings enormous commercial benefits. You can win customers for life, your strongest advocates, positive publicity at a level that can’t be bought. If you can wow during a crisis and you are made! Of course the opposite is true – get CX wrong in a crisis and commercial catastrophe could follow this is very different to a PR disaster. Even where clients do an exceptional and thorough job of architecting an amazing customer experience, it is focused on a day to day norms.

Few think through and prepare for a crisis – the ultimate example of “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

A Crisis CX can be a range of things affecting vast numbers of customers or just a few. All are pivotal and can easily be prepared for.

At Customer Whisperers, we design a Crisis CX in a different way – recognising the disproportionate impact it has on your relationship with affected customers (and those observing) It needs extra human feature, more speed, more passion.

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