Customer Journey & Customer Experience Mapping

A high impact approach that combines functional, emotional and behavioural considerations – it exposes issues and opportunities, driving swift improvement and change

Our approach to Customer Journey Mapping gives you a robust structure and method for creating Journey Maps ‘out of the box’. The workshop approach we use is fun, engaging and thought-provoking – you will be able to see your team begin to see things differently, from a true customer perspective and challenge ‘the way we do things around here’. The exercise we use will lower their natural defences and ease their natural resistance to change, it will challenge their preconceptions and allow them to see the customer experience with a fresh and more sensitive pair of eyes.

We then take your Journey Map a step further, with a series of revealing Customer Experience overlays – typically we choose the most relevant 3 overlays for your customer experience from our suite of approximately 30. In the process, your team will develop a much greater understanding of the impact of different elements of your customer experience and more clearly see customer emotion, the drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, how the experience changes over time and more.

Customer Journey and Experience Mapping should not be seen as a map creation process alone. Our sessions are designed not only to create the maps but also to change the way key members of your team see customer experience and consider decisions that affect it. The Customer Whisperers Journey Mapping approach is as much a culture change tool as it is a mapping tool.

As an output our approach will give you a set of genuine Quick Wins to immediately act on as well as your Journey & Experience Maps.

The next steps are to look at Options for improving the experience, being stimulated and inspired by some emerging CX thinking and then create a Vision of your future proofed and distinctive Customer Experience – see Visioning CX.

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