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Welcome to Home Working!

How are you finding working from home so far? Have you got into good habits? Or are you still in your pj’s? We’ve come up with our 5 top tips for home working! Stay safe everyone 🙂 Social Links Facebook Twitter Instagram  Linkedin

Loyalty & Complaints – Tea Time Tips

Loyalty Complaints It can often feel like your complaints from customers are from the whinging minority who are never happy. On the contrary, our clients find that most of their complaining customers are their most loyal customers and advocates. They are complaining because they genuinely want to help you resolve the issues that are causing […]

Digital CX – Tea Time Tips

Digital CX Your customers speak digital… do you? Digital CX – 65% of Customers are now Digital First. Maturing new customers are almost all Digital Only. In the future, communication will be pure digital. So why are so many companies behind that curve? Even those who are conversant with digital channels aren’t ready for what […]

Change the Words – Tea Time Tips

Change the words to change the outcome Change the words you use in an area of your business and it can dramatically improve the overall performance! You’ll be surprised! What do you think might happen if you changed the name of your Complaints team to Experience Improvement team? What could happen if you changed the […]

Complaints – Tea Time Tips

Complaints The Essential Duet It takes a lot to push a customer to invest time and effort in making a complaint. When you receive one it’s a Gift. It is relevant, specific and normally timely. Its free. Its very valuable. So why do so many organisations react so badly to a complaint – rejecting it, […]

Artificial Intelligence – Tea time tips

AI in the Contact Centre You’d be forgiven for thinking Artificial Intelligence is all about chatbots fielding mundane, repetitive simple queries. But the potential is way bigger than that! Artificial Intelligence is being used in the Contact Centre in lots of different ways, for example AI Coaches are being developed to support Contact Centre Leaders […]