Digital CX

Digital CX
Your customers speak digital… do you?

Digital CX – 65% of Customers are now Digital First. Maturing new customers are almost all Digital Only.

In the future, communication will be pure digital. So why are so many companies behind that curve?

Even those who are conversant with digital channels aren’t ready for what customers want next. Do you have the next generation of channels mapped out?

It really is time to start major transformation Contact Centres incorporating on trend video/visual channels, group based conversation, AI and community led support.

2020 feels like a very futuristic year – let it be your year to create a future focused customer strategy that recognises the future of digital and stop playing catch up.

Come along to Collaborate On Digital CX, our 3 part series, where you can talk with likeminded people from other companies. Starting in December and taking you nicely into the new year.

Alternatively, arrange a chat with Nikki and she’ll share Whisperers expertise with you.