Change the words to change the outcome

Change the words you use in an area of your business and it can dramatically improve the overall performance!

You’ll be surprised!

What do you think might happen if you changed the name of your Complaints team to Experience Improvement team? What could happen if you changed the name of Lost Property department of your transportation company to Found and Returned Property?

Its a form of behavioural conditioning and it can be very powerful.

To help create the shift from being an online travel booking agency to a leading provider of holidays, call your Reservations team Memory Makers. People start to think about their purpose differently. And one of my personal favourites at a clients was the Director of Smiles – their Receptionist.

That’s why I’m no longer Managing Director here at Customer Whisperers, I’m Director of Everything!

So today lets think a little harder about what we call departments and people and what impact that has on their behaviour.

If you feel a subtle but powerful dose of behavioural psychology could help you, get in touch and we can work through your challenges together!

Why not take a look at Style, Tone & Language

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