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Complaints The Essential Duet

It takes a lot to push a customer to invest time and effort in making a complaint.

When you receive one it’s a Gift.

It is relevant, specific and normally timely. Its free. Its very valuable. So why do so many organisations react so badly to a complaint – rejecting it, ignoring it, looking for a defense, finding a flaw in the customers argument, blaming others (including the customer) or seeking a way to get off the hook.

The vast majority of situations that cause complaints are not one-offs, they apply to many other customers and they repeat themselves. The organisational culture and attitude makes these companies unable to accept The Gift they’re being offered.

Changing that culture is our number one priority and there are many things that need to put in place. But lets start with one simple change right now – proven to reduce complaints and the cost of complaints by 30%.

Go listen in and/or read some of your teams complaint responses – what % of those responses contain The Essential Duet – “Thank you” and “Sorry”.

If its anything less than 100% then this is a gift for you – bring it up to 100% and reap the benefits.

You can transform your Complaints function and the complaints experience your customers have by implementing The Gift in full – contact us and lets chat about how it could help you.

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