Artificial Intelligence

AI in the Contact Centre

You’d be forgiven for thinking Artificial Intelligence is all about chatbots fielding mundane, repetitive simple queries. But the potential is way bigger than that!

Artificial Intelligence is being used in the Contact Centre in lots of different ways, for example AI Coaches are being developed to support Contact Centre Leaders and Managers. The AI has a coaching conversation with you; “What outcomes are you expecting to achieve? How will you enagage the whole team? What does success look like?”. I think I’ll call mine Jiminy Cricket!

The cost benefits are huge and lets face it, when time gets tight its often the coaching conversation that gets canned. It even emails you to remind you what you said you were going to do and checks your on target (the follow up our human coaches sometimes miss!). The opportunities for Artificial Intelligence are huge and that in itself can be overwhelming.

Picking out the right areas of customer experience to enhance with AI is crucial, picking out the areas where it could damage CX is equally crucial.

If you want to talk about how AI could advance your Customer Experience and how, schedule a call with one of our team – we won’t sell you tech, but we will help you think it through from a customer experience perspective and find where the value for you is.

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