About our Customer Whisperers

Our Story So Far…….  Once upon a time, Customers were disgruntled, less than wow’d and acting with their feet. The Team were working hard and doing what they believed to be right, they couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working.  Along came a team of Customer Whisperers with a fresh pair of eyes and cross-sector experience who helped rethink and reshape the experiences so they warmed Customers’ hearts.  With a new experience built on Fantastic Fundamentals and the occasional Memorable Twist that took Customers by surprise, Customers raved about them in conversations in pubs across the land. Existing customers kept coming back for more and drew new customers along with them. The Team swelled with regained pride at what they had achieved.  They thanked the Whisperers, who bid them farewell as they headed off to help the next team in need.  And the Team lived each day thereafter, hyper-aware of Customers’ needs, wants and expectations – tweaking their approach continuously, getting better and better.  Join the fairytale!

Who We Are

At Customer Whisperers, we are a close-knit drawn together by a shared passion for making Customer Experience better. We all have diverse operational customer service backgrounds…more…

What We Do

At Customer Whisperers, we do only one thing, we improve your Customers’ experiences.But there are many ways to achieve this. Every client is different, with their own…more…

Who We Do it For

We work with clients across sectors, in B2C and B2B environments, internal customers and external customers.Here are some of the clients we work with…more…

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