Personal Bests

Personal Bests

Personal Bests – An innovative, approach with sports coaching theory at its heart – this approach empowers each individual to improve so that the whole organisation improves

We are frequently invited to work with clients whose customer service teams have full adopted our Nature of Customer Experience approach and are pretty damn good! But when ‘very good’ is not enough and ‘exceptional’ is the aim, we need to focus every individual on performing at their best in every conversation and constantly striving to be better than they were yesterday.

The approach has a ‘power of 1’ mentality and Self Challenge at its core. The collective impact of the approach in delivering and sustaining exceptional results and maintaining that upward trajectory over the long term is quite incredible.

The Personal Bests programme is a stage of development beyond the Nature of Customer Experience. Dependent on your needs and the speed at which you need to improve CX, we’d suggest Personal Bests is run 6 to 12 months after The Nature of Customer Experience.

This approach works exceptionally well in coached environments (see A Coaching Core and Coaching with Style).

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