Are you ready for Crowd Service?

Remote working for contact centre staff has been patchy in its uptake. The technology has existed for years, the appetite to trust remote workers has been slower to develop and it has its challenges, for sure.

But let’s stretch the thinking a little further. Crowd Service. What if the people working remotely, answering customers queries were not your contact centre employees but actual customers? Not only is it possible, it is being done and it delivers very high CSAT/NPS and quality. Giff Gaff is a great example, their innovative approach means the bulk of their customer support is delivered by ‘Ambassador’ customers. Might the days of vast row upon row contact centres be numbered?

You may have experienced Microsoft’s Expert customer approach – same principle and personally, having used it to set up my son’s Xbox, I love it! We too have been surprised by just how good customers are at providing service to other customers. This approach can reduce CX costs, increase capacity, maintain quality and increase customer engagement. It reduces contact centre recruitment, induction and onboarding and for clients where attrition is an issue or recruitment is difficult that’s a real win.

If you’d like to chat about how Crowd Service might be integrated into your organisation and the benefits/challenges it could bring, we’ll happily share all we know – hit the button below and let’s set it up!

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