When CX works well its because people CARE. From what I see, most of us really do care, its just plain being human. When CX doesn’t work its because organisations simply DON’T care. But organisations are just a cluster of people with a purpose.  

So how is it that the collective care of the humans gets lost when they come together as a group and call themselves an organisation?  

Not matter who we work with – your big disruptive retailers, local authorities, insurance companies, healthcare companies – Care is often the key to an exceptional customer experience. 

Its clear to me the “Care System” has engineered out Care and replaced it with ‘process’, demoralising staff and ‘customers’ alike.

We’ve worked with organisations across sectors, whose values clearly promise Care, but rarely deliver it, why? Why do organisations not Live Their Values? What stops them?  

When we live our values, we deliver on the experiences we promise our customers and our teams are fueled with pride and energy for what they do. I’ve seen so many experiences this last fortnight where added care makes all the difference – more difference than a shiny new system could, and in many cases, that care creates tangible commercial value.  

So maybe next time the CX is going wrong, we ask a different question in our root cause analysis “at what point did we fail to care, and why?” #musings#customerexperience#care