Induction – When better to develop exceptional Customer Experience skills than before bad habits set in – let us get everyone in your team off to the right start.

New People in your team are a breath of fresh air – their unique objective view on your world is something to cherish and capsulate in.

Customer Whisperers Inductions are a unique 2 – way street. They do what all inductions do… communicate knowledge, link skills to role tasks and set expectations. They also capture imaginations and fire up a passion for an emotional connection with your organisation. They crucially encourage newcomers to reminisce and use every ounce of great cx practice they have seen in previous roles to challenge the way we do things and have and help you improve.We use customer as the golden thread that brings to life your whole induction programme – Systems, process, customer journeys, segments/personas, departments, sites, values and brand promises.

Every customer focused organisation should have Customer Whisperers at the heart of their Induction.

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