Conference and Speaker Slots

Conferences and Speaker Slots

Liven up your conference or event and really engage your audience with a thought-provoking, interactive slot by Customer Whisperers.

We have brought thought provoking, highly interactive sessions to get teams focused on customer and key CX issues. We’ve engaged teams to create mind-blowing visions of the future CX. We can help to breakdown barriers and stimulate debate.

We also do straight forward speaker slots (with a dose of audience participation) on a CX topic of your choice. We support client conferences and events. Topics to get everyone thinking; ICS, Call North West and SW Contact Centre Forum conferences/events, other third party events as well as our own.

We can also provide an unbalanced, customer focused, experienced conference chairperson if you need one.

Give us a call early in your planning and we’ll feed you some ideas to achieve your objective. Or call us last minute and we can adapt a pre-prepared session!

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