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The Loyalty Trap

Customer We have for years been throwing around the hot potato of customer loyalty – every client wants it, every client talks about incentivising it, so how are we in a place where customers are grossly penalised for their loyalty? 13 million households are paying a hefty loyalty penalty across products and services, some essential. […]

The Self-Fulfilling Failure Prophecy

The Self-Fulfilling Failure Prophecy Challenging the status quo here at Whisperers is a given, but we also love to introduce really simple ideas that make a huge difference. One of our favourite reactions and we get it all the time from client is “OMG why didn’t I think of that, its obvious!”. Well, all of […]

Are you ready for Crowd Service?

Are you ready for Crowd Service? Remote working for contact centre staff has been patchy in its uptake. The technology has existed for years. The appetite to trust remote workers has been slower to develop. Sure, it has it’s challenges! But let’s stretch the thinking a little further. Crowd Service. What if the people working […]

8 out of 10 is only just good enough!

8 out of 10 is only just good enough!   Whiskers may have bragged that 8 out of 10 cats prefer it, but in today’s world that simply ain’t quite good enough!   We’re often challenged by clients to prove that investing in Customer Experience delivers a significant return on investment. Fair challenge. So let’s […]