Digital CX

Digital CX
Your customers speak digital… do you?

Digital CX – 65% of Customers are now Digital First. Maturing new customers are almost all Digital Only.

In the future, communication will be pure digital. So why are so many companies behind that curve?

Even those who are conversant with digital channels aren’t ready for what customers want next. Do you have the next generation of channels mapped out?

It really is time to start major transformation Contact Centres incorporating on trend video/visual channels, group based conversation, AI and community led support.

2020 feels like a very futuristic year – let it be your year to create a future focused customer strategy that recognises the future of digital and stop playing catch up.

Come along to Collaborate On Digital CX, our 3 part series, where you can talk with likeminded people from other companies. Starting in December and taking you nicely into the new year.

Alternatively, arrange a chat with Nikki and she’ll share Whisperers expertise with you.


Change the words to change the outcome

Change the words you use in an area of your business and it can dramatically improve the overall performance!

You’ll be surprised!

What do you think might happen if you changed the name of your Complaints team to Experience Improvement team? What could happen if you changed the name of Lost Property department of your transportation company to Found and Returned Property?

Its a form of behavioural conditioning and it can be very powerful.

To help create the shift from being an online travel booking agency to a leading provider of holidays, call your Reservations team Memory Makers. People start to think about their purpose differently. And one of my personal favourites at a clients was the Director of Smiles – their Receptionist.

That’s why I’m no longer Managing Director here at Customer Whisperers, I’m Director of Everything!

So today lets think a little harder about what we call departments and people and what impact that has on their behaviour.

If you feel a subtle but powerful dose of behavioural psychology could help you, get in touch and we can work through your challenges together!

Why not take a look at Style, Tone & Language

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Thank You Sign

Complaints The Essential Duet

It takes a lot to push a customer to invest time and effort in making a complaint.

When you receive one it’s a Gift.

It is relevant, specific and normally timely. Its free. Its very valuable. So why do so many organisations react so badly to a complaint – rejecting it, ignoring it, looking for a defense, finding a flaw in the customers argument, blaming others (including the customer) or seeking a way to get off the hook.

The vast majority of situations that cause complaints are not one-offs, they apply to many other customers and they repeat themselves. The organisational culture and attitude makes these companies unable to accept The Gift they’re being offered.

Changing that culture is our number one priority and there are many things that need to put in place. But lets start with one simple change right now – proven to reduce complaints and the cost of complaints by 30%.

Go listen in and/or read some of your teams complaint responses – what % of those responses contain The Essential Duet – “Thank you” and “Sorry”.

If its anything less than 100% then this is a gift for you – bring it up to 100% and reap the benefits.

You can transform your Complaints function and the complaints experience your customers have by implementing The Gift in full – contact us and lets chat about how it could help you.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI in the Contact Centre

You’d be forgiven for thinking Artificial Intelligence is all about chatbots fielding mundane, repetitive simple queries. But the potential is way bigger than that!

Artificial Intelligence is being used in the Contact Centre in lots of different ways, for example AI Coaches are being developed to support Contact Centre Leaders and Managers. The AI has a coaching conversation with you; “What outcomes are you expecting to achieve? How will you enagage the whole team? What does success look like?”. I think I’ll call mine Jiminy Cricket!

The cost benefits are huge and lets face it, when time gets tight its often the coaching conversation that gets canned. It even emails you to remind you what you said you were going to do and checks your on target (the follow up our human coaches sometimes miss!). The opportunities for Artificial Intelligence are huge and that in itself can be overwhelming.

Picking out the right areas of customer experience to enhance with AI is crucial, picking out the areas where it could damage CX is equally crucial.

If you want to talk about how AI could advance your Customer Experience and how, schedule a call with one of our team – we won’t sell you tech, but we will help you think it through from a customer experience perspective and find where the value for you is.

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